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Posted 5/13/21

Hello everyone!

We are students from MSJ Youth4Climate, a club that focuses on disciplines such as computer science, math, science, engineering, and humanities to understand the implications of climate change on the planet and investigate solutions. This year, we have held weekly meetings on Fridays at 3 pm where students and accomplished guest speakers lectured on different aspects of the climate crisis. We also successfully held the 2nd annual MSJ Climate Conference with over 120 participants, and heard from 4 amazing speakers: a Stanford adjunct lecturer and founder of the Arctic Ice Project, a Georgetown adjunct professor and the author of "Mathematics and Climate", a UCLA bioengineering student and Chief Engineer of Overseer, and one of our advisors, a math/computer science teacher from MSJ. We plan to continue this annual tradition at MSJ and expand our scope towards climate education for students and engineering/scientific projects. 


We welcome you to browse our website to see what we've been up to! You can find it here:


If you are interested in computer science, math, science, engineering, or humanities and applying them for a worthy cause, this is the club for you! We are currently accepting officer applications for the club; everyone is welcome, so don't be hesitant to apply! Here is the link to the application: It is due by Wednesday May 19 at 11:59 PM


Please contact us with any questions you may have at We hope to read your applications!