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Frederick Douglass

The following are websites that will help you complete the following questions about

Frederick Douglass and his contribution to American society.


  1. Describe Frederick Douglass's early childhood include the following:

place of birth

approximate date

birth name


  1. How did Frederick Douglass learn to read?
  2. How did Frederick Douglass become a leader in the Abolitionist movement?
  3. What was the name of his autobiography and the name of his antislavery newspaper?
  4. Why did Frederick Douglass flee the United States in 1859?
  5. When and how did Frederick Douglass become free?
  6. Was President Lincoln ready to enlist black troops in the beginning of the Civil War? __________________
  7. Douglass was consultant to whom?_________________________
  8. He helped convince him that slaves should serve in the _______ forces and that the abolition of _________ should be a goal of the war.
  9. January 1, 1863, Lincoln’s ____________________ Proclamation clearly stated that CONFEDERATE slaves were now free.
  10. They could serve in the ____________ army.
  11. By the end of the war about ______________ African American men enlisted.
  12. Douglas worked as a _________ for the Union Army.
  13. Did his sons Charles and Lewis join the army? __________
  14. Should Frederick Douglass be considered an American Hero? Support your answer, why or why not.