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Schedule Change Request Directions

If you would like to request a change to the courses you requested, please complete the schedule change request form at: The Google form will be available from: Monday, August 17th through Wednesday, September 16th


All AP, Honors, and Accelerated classes are full at this time and will not be considered for a schedule change.   

Available Electives 9-12th Grade:

All Band classes

All Orchestra classes


Publications/Adv Publications (You must contact Ms. Dotson: ) for permission

Spanish 1, 4, AP

French 1, 2, 4

Japanese 2, 3, AP

Chinese AP

Leadership 1

All MVROP classes


9th Grade:

English 9 Honors


11th & 12th Grade:

AP USH (11th grade only)

Club Fit

TA (You must follow separate directions listed on the google form above)


Please note that we will make every effort to accommodate all the submitted requests for change of courses, but no courses are guaranteed.  Due to the large amount of schedule change requests submitted, we only respond to those requests in which we can accommodate.